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E-mail Software / Thursday, June 21st, 2018
Developer: Infobyte
Specifications: Version 2.7:
  • New: Completely rewritten From/To/Cc/Bcc list parser to support name comments (some mailing lists and newsgroups use comments instead of name) and fix some parser bugs
  • New: Support for importing UTF-16 IAF files (generated by Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail)
  • New: Many icon improvements, especially for small sizes (16x16)
  • New: Toolbar Customize added in View menu and popup (right click) menu in Main Window, Message Viewer, Message Editor, Address Book
  • New: Added Next Unread Message and Identities toolbar buttons
  • New: Additional default attributes for message editor font - color, bold, italic and underline
  • New: Composing Plain Text email messages and HTML to Plain Text (and back) conversion in Message Editor
  • New: New message template format which allows plain-text templates in addition to HTML templates (existing templates were updated)
  • New: Dual format signatures (uses plain-text signature if message is in plain text format and HTML signature if message is in HTML format)
  • New: Layout options were redesigned to offer full Toolbar customization using the new Toolbar Editor
  • New: Compose options Plain text font choice (not reflected in the sent message, as plain text messages don't have formatting)
  • New: New Send options with default compose format and if reply message will use same format as incoming message
  • New: New Read options - Font size for plain text messages, HTML zoom
  • New: Enhanced status bar in message viewer - zoom level and message type
  • New: Zoom In/Out and Zoom percentage in Main Window View menu
  • New: Popup menu with Load/Save/Copy/Paste/Select All in Message Rules - Add Condition (for text conditions)
  • New: Option to automatically add sender to address book when replying and an override option (in Message Editor) when auto-save is not needed
  • New: Optional sending read receipts to senders who request it (message disposition notification)
  • New: Option to request a read receipt for all sent messages (Compose options)
  • New: Options for returning requested read receipts to sender - Notify for each request / Never send (Send options)
  • New: Accessibility improvements for Account Wizard, Options
  • New: Program now communicates with web site using encrypted (HTTPS) connection (e.g. when using contact form or downloading update) - this may require Windows XP users to enable support for TLS 1.0 in Internet Explorer settings (already enabled in more recent Windows versions)
  • New: Warning if closing the program is attempted while there are still opened message editor windows
  • New: Improved text to HTML conversion to preserve multiple spaces/tabs (Insert text from file, Reply/Forward to plain-text messages, Insert plain-text signature)
  • New: Attachment file size shown after the file name and attachment Properties in right click menu (Message Editor)
  • New: Multiple Received dates shown in Message Properties and highlighting if date differs too much from Sent date
  • New: Added F5 as secondary shortcut for Send/Receive
  • New: Faster deletion of folders/newsgroups
  • BugFix: HTML stationery no longer includes repeated attachments at the bottom of the message
  • BugFix: High DPI support in Message Editor (small button toolbar)
  • BugFix: Message Editor no longer breaks HTML while switching from Source to Edit due to spaces being added at word wrap points
  • BugFix: Blurry and uncentered high DPI text labels in Options fixed
  • BugFix: Reinstalling the program could cause error and failure to start the program due to bug in uninstall script
  • BugFix: Auto-select of subject line text is disabled for replies and forwards
  • BugFix: Improved detection if attachments should be shown inline or not to prevent unresponsiveness
  • BugFix: Updated SSL/TLS libraries with the latest bug/security fixes (v1.0.2l)
  • BugFix: Updated built-in SQLite with the latest bug fixes (v3.19.3.0)
Requirements: None
Limitation: Limited number of accounts and identities
Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $24.95
License: Free to try
Version: v1.63
Downloads: 8856
Rating: 4 / Views: 4222
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Was this review helpful? { Review.GetRatingValue }} “Easy to Use, Great Replacement for Outlook Express” “Easy to Use, Great Replacement for Outlook Express” August 30, 2014 Â /Â Version: OE Classic 2.1 2014-08-30 20:35:15 Â . For evaluation version you are not allowed to modify original package format and any of its contents, which includes but is not limited to modifications, reverse engineering, decompilation or disassembling.